About Lynne

I grew up next door to my father’s parents and his grandfather. We helped care for them when they got older. My mother’s parents were also in my life growing up and as an adult. I saw the issues that came up as my grandparents aged and how my parents helped them. I was lucky to have grandparents who accepted help and parents who were happy to give it.

My grandparents had various health issues: a stroke which meant in-home care; a heart attack which meant making the decision to take my grandfather off life support to honor his wishes in his Living Will; and a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease. I also helped provide care giving for my mother-in-law, who had a degenerative disease for many years.

I’ve always felt an affinity for older adults and the volunteer work I’ve done over the years has always involved older adults in some way. After completing my master’s program I looked for a job specifically focused on older adults. I’ve counseled older adults at a mental health agency for the past four years. This experience, along with my family experiences, makes me uniquely qualified to work with adults with aging parents.

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