Older Adult

Everyone can get down, become irritable or angry or get anxious now and then. However, when you feel this way most of the time, it can interfere with your enjoyment of life. Life transitions such as moving from your home, medical issues, physical limitations and loss of loved ones can trigger anxiety and depression. This is not a normal part of growing old.

Normal aging involves changes, but most changes are gradual. The aging process does not cause sudden personality changes, loss of intellect, or confusion.

You might be depressed or have anxiety if you …

  • • notice a change in your behavior
  • • feel disoriented, confused or easily agitated
  • • ruminate about death or dying
  • • are arguing a lot with your family and friends
  • • are in a bad mood much of the time
  • • avoid being with people and feel anxious when you’re with them
  • • have pains and aches that don’t have any medical basis
  • • haven’t been eating or caring for yourself like you normally do
  • • find yourself feeling suspicious of others, including your friends and family
  • • no longer find pleasure in doing things that you used to enjoy
  • • feel hopeless or worthless
  • • are more nervous and worried than usual, seemingly without any reason
  • • feel that it doesn’t matter if you live or die

Contrary to popular belief, depression and anxiety have biochemical and psychological causes. It is not a sign of weakness or a flaw in your character.

I provide support to help you find ways to adapt, cope and become more resilient to life’s changes so you can enjoy life again.

I’ve worked with older adults for over 10 years and have a certificate in Geriatric Mental Health.

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