Helping aging parents can bring up old issues

Caring for aging parents can bring up all sorts of emotions. Some are good and some aren’t. If you have unresolved issues or old family hurts they can come up again when you’re spending so much time with your parents or dealing with stressful situations.

Get support for yourself so you can be there for your parents when they need you most.

Are you feeling:

  •     •  Angry when you’re around your elderly parents?
  •     • Little compassion for them and what they’re going through?
  •     • Hurt by the things they say and do?
  •     • Sad that you might not be able to talk about the past with them?
  •     • Guilty because they think you should be doing more for them?
  •     • Manipulated or intimidated by them?

You can’t change the past but you can change how you deal with it now.

It’s possible to have a different relationship with your parents. One where you can feel like an adult around them and not like you did when you were a child. It can be a time where you can put the past behind you.

You can:

  •     • Set boundaries so they don’t take advantage of you.
  •     • React less to the things they say and do.
  •     • Stand up to them and demand respect.
  •     • Find ways to resolve the past so you can let it go.
  •     • Have more compassion for them.
  •     • Feel less angry and resentful and more in control.

Caring for your aging parents can be an opportunity for greater closeness.

I’ve worked with others going through what you’re going through so they could have a different relationship with their parents. I helped them to feel equal to their parents and strong enough to stand up for themselves so they were able to let go of the past.

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