They’re becoming more frail, more forgetful, more needy, more stubborn.

Maybe you’ve been able to talk with them about your concerns but they give you mixed messages. They admit there’s a problem but later deny it. They ask for your help then get upset with you when you give it. They tell you one day they’re ready to make a change but the next day tell you they’re not.

To make matters worse old family issues and unresolved feelings you have with your parents can resurface at this time. Part of you wants to help and part of you wants to run.

Are you dealing with any of these situations?

  • You feel guilty because you’re not doing enough to help your parents or because you’re “forcing” them to make changes.
  • One of your parents is worn out taking care of the other but they get defensive if you try to talk about it.
  • Your relationship with your parents isn’t good yet you feel like you have to do something.
  • Your siblings disagree there’s a problem, refuse to help or make matters worse when they get involved.
  • You’re overwhelmed with helping your parents, taking care of your family and yourself.
  • Old issues and unresolved feelings are coming up now that you’re around your parents more.

Keeping your aging parents safe allows them to remain independent.

It is possible to get your parents to accept help and make changes for their own well being. You can communicate with your parents or siblings instead of arguing about care issues. There are resources that will make your life and your parents’ life more enjoyable and less stressful.

Would you like to…

  • Help your parents make a decision and stick to it?
  • Reduce resistance and increase cooperation from your siblings?
  • Let go of guilt and feel better about helping your parents?
  • Get your parents to work with you instead of against you?
  • Care for your parents and yourself?
  • Find a way to help your parents in spite of past issues.

I’ve worked with many others going through what you are right now. I helped them find ways to talk with their parents in a way their parents could hear; to have productive conversations with their siblings; to get their parents to accept help and to feel less overwhelmed. I’ve helped adult children repair their relationship with their parents when it was strained.

I have a certificate in Geriatric Mental Health and understand the complexities of aging, the importance of older adults maintaining their independence and the emotional impact on adult children who care for aging parents.

Are you ready to make your parents’ lives and your life easier?

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