Planning for Future Care Needs of Aging Parents

A Workshop for Children & Older Adults

Many adults with aging parents struggle with how to talk to their parents about concerns they have for them.
An Aging Plan provides the structure and questions to speak with your parents about important and sensitive issues related to aging. It includes: financial, health, legal and safety elements—beyond the usual paperwork.

This workshop will give you the tools to help you succeed in talking to your parents about the delicate topic of aging:

Part One:

Learn how to…

• Identify and address barriers to these discussions

• Handle specific circumstances: divorced parents, second marriages, dysfunctional siblings, estranged families…

• Prepare yourself before you approach your parents

• Approach your parents in a way that will increase the chance your requests to talk will be accepted

• Use non-threatening ways to talk with your parents so they can “hear”

• “Plan” for parents who won’t engage in an Aging Plan discussion

Part Two:

• Walk through a basic Aging Plan

• Learn how to personalize it for your specific needs

• Leave with an Aging Plan you can continue to develop and skills that will help you in this discussion with your parents

Part Three:

• Q&A: attendees will have time to ask questions about their specific situations

Aging Plans improve the quality of life for adult children and aging parents. They reduce the worry of adult children about what they should do to help their aging parents and of older adults about how their needs/wants will be met.

Date/Time: Contact me if you’re interested in a future workshop

About Lynne
Lynne Coon earned a M.S. in Community Counseling at Portland State University and has a Certificate in Geriatric Mental Health from the Washington Institute for Mental Illness, Washington State University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who counsels older adults, children with aging parents and other adults on age-related issues. She spoke at the Oregon State University 2007 Gerontology Conference on the topic of “Aging Plans: Family Planning for Future Care Needs of Aging Parents.”

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