Coaching can be useful when:

  • – you need to find a way to get your parents to accept help or make changes for their well being
  • – you’d like to have productive conversations with your parents or siblings instead of arguments about
  •    care issues
  • – you know your parents need help but you aren’t sure what they need or what resources are
  •    available…

Counseling can be useful when:

  • – you are caring for parents who didn’t take care of you
  • – unresolved family issues have resurfaced that are making it hard for you to help your parents
  • – you are struggling with grief and sadness over the loss of the parent you know because of declining
  •    health or from Alzheimer’s or dementia…

911 Support (phone or on site help in a crisis)

If your parents’ safety and well being are at risk decisions often need to be made quickly. It can be helpful to get a reality check about the path you’re considering, get input from an objective third party before you make critical decisions or develop and prioritize a plan of action.

Phone Coaching/Counseling (in your city, state or country)

Coaching, counseling or 911 support are also available by phone if you live outside the Portland metro area or the state of Oregon. Details on phone counseling.

Support for Families

Coaching can be beneficial in facilitating conversations between you, your parents, and/or siblings in situations when:

  • – discussions with your parents always dissolve into fights
  • – you are providing more of your parents care than your siblings and want to discuss a more equal
  •    division of labor…

Mediation can be useful when:

  • – there is disagreement among siblings about things such as what kind of care your parents need, the
  •    cost, and how it should be provided
  • – your parents are supporting one or more of your siblings and your parents’ home, finances and assets
  •    need to be preserved in order to pay for your parents care…

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